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It's okay to get up-tight!

It may not quite feel like it here yet in sunny Queensland but, Winter is here and the cooler weather is sure to arrive soon, and with that comes of course all the amazing Winter trends!

In saying that, Winter fashion doesn't mean going out and buying a completely new wardrobe. It is about establishing a "capsule wardrobe"... meaning limiting your wardrobe to a few key pieces that will work for you all year round. Mixing in various new season pieces or accessories will ensure your wardrobe is up-to-date each season, without compromising that Summer holiday you've been saving for.

I'm such a fan of the idea of a capsule wardrobe, one that not only takes you from work to play, but from Summer to Winter! All in an effort to simplify our busy lives. I remember watching Peter Walsh - Declutter Expert on Oprah years ago, say that once you declutter your wardrobe you declutter your mind!

So how do we do achieve wardrobe bliss and peace of mind?

My suggestion is, buying a couple of new season coats, incorporating them with your favourite staples and investing in tights to wear with your favourite boots or high heels. And yes ladies, tights and boots are absolutely appropriate for the office... in fact it's my preference. Gone are the days where your employment contract includes clauses defining acceptable workplace attire. Wearing stockings/tights to work with your black or beige high heels is absolutely fine and practical... but wearing them with a high heeled boot will always complement your choice of boot and your outfit.

On the other hand, why should tights and stockings be reserved for the workplace? Black tights in particular translate so well into casual weekend wear also, and mixing up the different deniers will give you different looks and levels of warmth. Time to shake the notion that jeans are the Winter weekend uniform!

As women of high standards and let's be honest, we always want more from our fashion. Scholl's have designed “Light Legs Tights” incorporating new Firm Fibre technology has given designed Light Legs Tights. These are the first of their kind and I am singing their praises!

Why I am now a tights convert:

- No more ladders and pulls, ruining tights before I even get to my desk of a morning thanks to the Ladder Lock technology, even if a hole occurs, the technology contains it!

- This brings me to my second point... the tights last up to 100 washes. Let's not forget I'm an accountant and simple maths means 1 pair of each denier will last me the whole season!

- Is there such a thing as a calf-lift? The Scholl Light Legs tights are gentle gradient compression hosiery which makes your legs appear, firm and toned.

- I wear heels almost every day of the year and long days in the office inevitably make me question my fashion over comfort choices some days. This is no longer an issue with Scholl's breathable tights helping to revitalise and relieve tired, heavy legs.

- The Range is simple, Black 20 Denier, Black 60 Denier for extra warmth and Beige 20 Denier.

I've pulled together and styled some looks for some inspiration. Hope you love them as much as I do!

xo Emily

* These beauties are easy to “get your hands on” from Woolworths, Coles, Priceline and other leading

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