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Spring Racing fashion 2017 with Wintergarden and Brisbane Racing Club

Spring Racing Carnival is here - the most anticipated carnival on the racing calendar! Let's be honest it's not all about the horses, it’s just as much about the marquees, elaborate floral arrangements, flowing champagne and most importantly it’s about four glorious weeks of race wear fashion! In the style stakes, all eyes are on the Fashion on the Field stage for Derby Day and of course the carnival highlight, Melbourne Cup.

Whether you are a serious race-goer or just after a fun day out there are certain style rules that apply and should be adhered to, especially if you are entering the Fashion on the Field competition for a shot at the prestigious “best dressed” title.

Derby Day is about embracing the monochrome dress code. Black and white is always classic and whether you opt for dramatic colour blocking, statement prints or simple silhouettes, maintaining elegance is key to a great outfit. Making a style statement without colour may be daunting, however elevating an outfit from dull to competition worthy is actually quite simple! Mixing and adding textures to your outfit using lace and metallic is one of the easiest ways to complete an outfit!

Whereas a showstopper of an outfit is the only way to watch the "race that stops the nation", the Melbourne Cup. Melbourne Cup is all about having fun both trackside and with your race wear! It is a license for accentuated colour combinations and complementary patterns – that’s what makes it so exciting! This also applies to your head wear - whether it be a fascinator, hat or crown; the bolder the statement the better!

Keeping in mind, when assembling the perfect race day outfit, it is important to take a holistic approach to your outfit. Fascinators should never look like an afterthought! It’s all about striking that perfect balance between taking a ‘fashion risk’ and showcasing your individuality, as well as keeping it classy and feminine. Adding a touch of yellow to your Melbourne cup outfit is always a good idea for the those serious about following the traditional dress code.

Have fun ladies and remember to keep it classy whilst trackside. No matter how sore those feet are from wearing killer heels all day, shoes belong on feet and not thrown over shoulders or clutched under arms.

Head over to Wintergarden to find these looks.

For more information on the Brisbane Racing Carnival click here.

xo Emily

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