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"Cover girl" pinch me moment

Sometimes I have a pinch myself moment, and this is definitely one of them. From quite accountant walking the hallways of grey cubicles to cover girl on Style Magazine the change could not be more different. 

Being named one of Brisbane's top trailblazers and being asked to take part in the social stars takeover for the August edition of Style Magazine was such an honour. Creating the feature was incredibly fun, as we shot content and video over the duration of two days with some of my favourite fellow influencers, at Brisbane's most iconic locations. Sharing the cover with Misha and Aicha, two women I call friends and strong female leaders in their field, illustrating our comradery; was icing on the cake!

This was definitely something that's been ticked off the bucket list that I didn't even know was on there. Although, I must admit some of my gorgeous followers often ask me, whether I like being over exposed and recognisable due to my social media profile?

I'll admit it has its ups and downs (like going to the gym without being noticed or judged), but the exposure has done something tremendous for my confidence and improved my style. Most surprisingly it has helped round out my business knowledge - I now have a greater understanding of PR, Marketing, Branding and Advertising, which I had only touched on previously; during my university days.

As crazy as this sounds, I now feel a sense of control and wholeness. With brands knocking on your door wanting to work with me, this is incredibly powerful for one’s ego, but really it gave me the confidence I somehow seemed to be lacking. No longer am I waiting for opportunities to come my way, I chase them and I see the world in a whole new light.

There's also the part of me, that feels sense of duty to be a beacon for other women out there, which is great motivation to keep doing what I do. I feel so privileged to be someone my followers turn to as a role model in many different ways, whether it be a female climbing the corporate ladder, or for fashion inspiration. There is still so much progress to be made when it comes to: gender diversity, gender pay gap and underlying all of that; ensuring women are born with a "I can do anything" mentality instead of a mid-40's epiphany. 

xo Emily

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