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In 2015, I was a few years into my professional career as an accountant and auditor at Big 4 Global Firm. However, styling outfits and dressing up on weekends was my creative outlet from my analytical day job.


Often wearing suits and all black outfits to the office, this got me thinking, why is the fashion industry focused on casual wear when there are only 2 days each week dedicated to it?  Why shouldn't women look fabulous the other 5 days of the week? 

Unlike the choices available for men, access to women's work wear is limited.

With a wardrobe full of weekend wear that was on slow rotation, I decided to change my shopping habits. I started integrating versatile pieces that were both appropriate for work and could be styled to create more casual weekend looks.

Blurring the lines between traditional suiting and everyday fashion quickly became my signature style.

Keen to know More?

xo Emily

As the first corporate fashion blogger, sharing my outfits on Instagram quickly resonated with an audience.

Not only do my outfits now showcase my individuality and creativity in a sea of black suits, now my style is very part of my personal brand. Because, someone who presents 'well put together' immediately instills confidence and higher levels of competence.

My Instagram and Blog has evolved from styling tips and sharing my newest purchases, to providing insight into my corporate lifestyle, including becoming a qualified Chartered Accountant and my rise up the corporate ladder. I also share facets of my life as an influencer, globetrotter, designer and fashion journalist.


I'm so grateful to be able to share career advice, exchange fashion tips and connect with inspiring lady bosses, aspiring CA's and fashionistas over social media. Opportunities to improve women in business still exist, but with this wonderful network of women we've created, the wheels are in motion.


I hope this platform encourages you to reinvigorate your wardrobe and embrace the corridors as your catwalk.




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