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Corporate Style "Do's and Don'ts"

What you wear to work matters! You are a walking advertisement for your personal brand and whether we acknowledge it or not, style and appearance plays a part in how others perceive your ability to deliver high quality outputs and meet expectations.

Arriving at the office looking well 'put together' wearing classy corporate attire, hair done and wearing office appropriate makeup is the easiest way to enhance your brand. A polished appearance demonstrates self confidence and the saying "first appearances are everything" is still very relevant today; especially within the corporate world.

Time and effort reflected in someone's physical appearance and corporate style, is representative of their true character. Clients/colleagues often unconsciously extend their opinion of your office appearance to your competency and capabilities.

To make sure your dress doesn't hinder your success, here is my guide to getting it right.


  • Wear colour and wear prints! Getting lost in the black suit sea is no place to be!

  • Switch up a black heel for a nude heel to elongate the leg.

  • Wear a red bold lip (quick and easy way to boost your confidence).

  • Tailored suiting. A poor fitting suit can do more harm than good, either invest in alterations or find pieces that fit and suit your figure.

  • Inject personality! Have a style and don't fall victim to seasonal trends.

  • Incorporate lace and leather into the corporate wardrobe. Add these pieces to compliment your existing staples.



  • The classic black suit should not be your "go to" outfit unless absolutely necessary.

  • Wear white or blue collared shirts.

  • Pant suits are not okay.

  • Never wear ALL black without. accessorising with a statement shoe/ necklace/ belt.

  • Short hemlines.

  • Plunging necklines.

  • Platform heels.

  • Metallic tattoos belong to weekends only - sorry my free spirited ladies.

  • Casual Fridays. You should always put your best foot forward even on Fridays. Probably the most important day of the week to dress in your corporate best for those 5 o'clock cocktails and networking!

  • Stockings and tights. Simply put...if it's cold enough to warrant this thought, wear pants instead ladies.

Now to close those deals, wearing heels of course!

xo Emily

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