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June 20, 2018

What if I told you; the lines between your style and personal brand have blurred so much that luggage is considered a fashion accessory? Consider first generation mobile phones and laptops, once only available in black but now we are spoiled for choice with colours like: charcoal grey, navy, white, rose gold, silver etc. Just like personal electronic devices, luggage is as much of an accessory as a belt or pair of shoes. Also, chances of a free upgrade are no doubt higher with sleek luggage in tow and a complementary outfit.




Crumpler, designed out of Melbourne with a focus on high quality materials and design, originally entered the market supplying bike riders and couriers with an over the shoulder satchel bag. The product range has expanded to include, laptop bags, overnight bags, camera bags, luggage and backpacks.


In particular, Crumpler luggage is drawing the increasing attention of travellers. The Vis luggage range boasts:


  • Bold colour combinations such as black luggage with blue straps  (Halleluiah gone are the days of attaching pink ribbon to identify luggage on the airport conveyerbelt);

  • Transparent suitcases, which are not only practical to find your belongings without upheaving the whole suitcase, they are a fashion statement in their own right;

  • Gloss red and black varieties which is all class and versatile for both business and leisure travel;

  • Lifetime guarantee…rest assured you will never need to buy luggage again. With luggage notorious for costing a small fortune, this is a great customer initiative as well as  demonstrating Crumpler’s belief in their own product;

  • 360 degree smooth glide wheels, making the airport hustle an efficient one;

  • Greater volume - the slimline design means there is more space and less suitcase;

  • Interior clothes compression system, doubling as pockets to store loose items or items requiring quick access;

  • Hard casing to protect your valuables and keep them dry; and

  • Availability of different sizes including  45L, 70L and 95L. The range suitably caters for the aeroplane cabin, a weekend away or long international trips.


 Turning heads as you roll on through to the airport lounge has just been made much easier. Happy travels!


xo Emily


Fashion and Lifestyle Journalist for Wintergarden


You can find Crumpler luggage at Wintergarden, Brisbane City.



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June 20, 2018

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