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Top 5 tips for building the ultimate office wardrobe

"How do you do 'it' every morning before running out the door to make your 8am meeting?"

The 'it' being of course, pulling together a styled outfit that will impress those Partners, CEO's and Boards!

This has to be my most frequently asked questions over the years. Ladies we get it, you are tired from working those late nights, you've skipped the gym too many times this week to meet those deadlines (because all my lady bosses out there put their career ahead of everything else), you press snooze 5 times every morning and the longer you snooze the shorter your morning beauty and styling routine becomes! The struggle is so real and you are not alone ladies! But there is a way to dress up, show up and still impress at that 8am meeting!

So here it is, my top five tips for building the ultimate office wardrobe.

1. Create different looks by accessorising. Start with your corporate staples and use statement necklaces, metallic belts or bold high heels to create outfit variations.

2. Start with a few good quality and well-tailored staples eg. pencil skirt, blazer, high waisted black skirt and LBD.

3. Incorporate stylish pieces, you shouldn't look stereo-typically "office bound" Work to play always ladies! Champagne of course is your best evening accessory!

4. Monochrome pieces create effortless style and sophistication. Houndstooth being the ultimate corporate wardrobe winner!

5. Have a mix of garments! Don't rely on a corporate wardrobe that is dry clean or hand wash dependent, as this is expensive and the busy corporate lady doesn't have time for hand washing all weekend

Now you are all sorted, remember the corridors are your catwalk!

xo Emily

Corporate Catwalker final.png

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