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Spring Racing 2016

It's that time of year again, where high fashion meets horse racing. Let's be honest it's all about the marquees, fascinators, over-the-top floral arrangements and champagne.

It wouldn't be Spring Racing Carnival without the Fashion on the Fields (FOTF). Stylish Ladies (and dapper men) spend weeks preparing and designing outfits to compete and have a shot at the title of "FOTF Winner - Best Dressed" , all in an effort to secure a spot in the glamorous and exclusive FOTF finals held in Melbourne this November.

Styling race-wear can be compared to following a cooking recipe, there is a definite method to getting it right and if you add too much of one style or forget to balance the elements, your outfit may easily appear costume-like or just confused.

Assembling the perfect race day outfit is not an easy task, some would say almost impossible without forward planning and preparation. It’s all about striking that perfect balance between taking a ‘fashion risk’ to showcase something new to the judges, as well as keeping it classy and feminine.

Fashions on the Field (FOTF) is a license for accentuated colour combinations, mixed textures and complementary patterns – that’s what makes it so exciting! I’m looking forward to seeing how the FOTF entrants dress for a warm Spring day without compromising on style.

Top trends on the track this Spring:

1. Feminine lace dresses are not going anywhere this racing season and are an investment worth making. Opt for a white or nude lace dress you can re-use and re-style for the Christmas festive season.

2. White, white and more white. Accentuate with statement heels, lip, fascinator, clutch or jewellery (never all at once though).

3. Block pastels can be the perfect touch of elegance at the track.

4. Experiment with textured fabrics to bring a different element to your outfit.

5. Opt for deconstructed floral designs over traditional floral prints, to bring a touch of femininity to your outfit without compromising style.

6. Structured details, whether it be collars, shoulders or geometric splits. High fashion and risk-taking designs are always welcome on the FOTF stage.

7. Fascinators should make a statement, go bold or not at all. It is important to take a holistic approach to your outfit. Fascinators should never look like an after thought!

Have fun at this Spring Racing Carnival ladies and remember it doesn't matter how sore your feet are after a day track side, shoes belong on your feet never clutched under your arm.

xo Emily

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